While it’s hard to tell exactly how the Coronavirus will impact us in the long term, it’s a subject of frequent speculation. There’s no denying that it will have significant effects on our wealth, health, and happiness. So much about this pandemic is out of our control. But there still are some things we can do to help protect ourselves and our loved ones.

A friend of mine shared some resources she’d compiled to help shore up her immunity, and I’ve included them in the list below. This is not medical advice. Neither my friend nor I are doctors; we’re just health conscious individuals. Consult your doctor before taking any supplements at all. These are just the things I am considering for my family, and I’m sharing with you so you can make the call for yours.

Supplements to consider: ● Vitamin C ● Vitamin D, 3000 units or more ● Sodium Ascorbate, 1250 mg. or more ● Zinc, 30 – 50 mg ● Black elderberry, 600 – 1500 mg ● Lion’s Mane (Host Defense by Stamets) ● NAC (1200 – 1800 mg) ● Lipoic acid (1200 – 1800) ● Spirulina (15 g) ● Selenium (50 – 100 mcg) ● Glucosamine (3000 mg or more) ● Yeast Beta-Glucan (250 – 500 mg)

Supplies to consider keeping on hand: ● Colloidal Silver ● Oregano oil ● Immunity boosting essential oils like Thieves or OnGuard Oil ● Sanitizing wipes

Additional tips: ● Wash your hands and face, more than you usually do, and wipe down heavily-touched surfaces. ● Have emergency food, water, and medical supplies prepared (always a good idea). ● Practice breathing through your nose instead of your mouth. Nose hairs offer natural protection from airborne viruses. This is especially important for those living in larger cities. ● Make sure you are drinking plenty of purified water. ● If you smoke, it’s an especially good time to quit to protect your lungs.

In the event you or a loved one do get sick and need to go to the hospital, it’s important to prepare a list of your needs. Include your preferred hospital, your primary care doctor and any specialists, food allergies and preferences, and supplements and medications you take. Also indicate any procedures you desire or don’t desire. Additionally, you should name the person or people authorized to make healthcare and financial decisions for you if you cannot make them for yourself. We can help you prepare these documents, either to take precautions against coronavirus or for any other reason. Please get in touch if you are ready to get this handled and would like our help. We are offering virtual meetings via teleconference.

We are here to support you making educated, informed, empowered decisions for yourself and the people you love, in all areas of your wealth, health, and happiness.

At Legacy Counsel PLC, we offer expert advice on Wills, Trusts, and numerous other estate planning vehicles. But we don’t just draft documents; we ensure you make informed and empowered decisions about life and death, for yourself and the people you love. Using systems such as our Life & Legacy Inventory and Assessment and our Life and Legacy Planning Session, we’ll carefully analyze your assets—both tangible and intangible—to help you come up with an estate planning solution that offers maximum protection for your family’s particular situation and budget. Contact us today to get started. We are currently conducting all Life and Legacy Planning Sessions virtually via Zoom.

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