Gwendolyn Powell Braswell

With over 25 years of experience, Gwendolyn Powell Braswell excels in resolving complex legal issues. Holding a certificate in probate and estate planning by the Institute of Continuing Legal Education and the State Bar of Michigan, she combines a proactive approach with a commitment to making a meaningful impact in her clients’ lives.

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Emma Fitzgerald

A key member of Legacy Counsel, Emma brings a wealth of paralegal experience to your estate plan. She leverages this to streamline and simplify the estate and probate process and strives to ensure our clients’ plans are put in place as efficiently as possible.

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Heather Mckinnies

In her role at Legacy Counsel PLC, Heather excels in supporting legal staff and enhancing client interactions with warmth, information, and empathy, ensuring every client feels valued from the first encounter. Her dedication to learning and staying abreast of changes in estate and probate law showcases her commitment to client service excellence.

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